Friday, July 16, 2010

Instructions for Life

by Derek Fagerstrom, Lauren Smith & The Show Me Team
Collins Design, 2008
ISBN: 9780061662577
500 + pages

Life Explained.  One Step at a Time.

Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to do 492 things practically everyone need to know.*

*And 8 that no sensible person would ever do.

I love this book. Some how to's will not interest guys (like how to press pretty flowers and how to apply makeup) but there is so much information in this book that the girly stuff won't matter.  When they say "step-by-step" they mean it.  There's a picture for each step and short descriptions (short, as in a sentence) for clarification. Simply perfect!

Some how to's from a few categories:
Make: assemble a super slingshot, make a playing card wallet
Style: spike up a mohawk, create an oozing fake wound
Nest:  boost my wi-fi with a strainer, create the ultimate tree house
Go: do a killer duck dive, leap from a cliff
Wow: give the illusion of levitation, land an old-school 180 kickflip
Other categories: eat, drink, love, grow, thrive and survive.


  1. Love this book and yes, while it's not for teens, I think it has teen appeal. I booktalked it last summer and can you believe I had a parent complain about it??

  2. Some of the love section seemed geared toward older teens, so I can see a parent complaining. But with all the other cool entries I doubt teens would focus their attention on the love stuff anyway.


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